How Do i Contact Zoosk Customer Support Service Phone Number

Are you in the online dating scene since long and you still can be able to find the one?

Well, if you’re in the online dating scene, you must have heard about an app called ZOOSK

ZOOSK is one of the most popular websites in the United States, with over 40 million members and around 3 million messages are sent daily. 

Now, in this post, we’re going to discuss some of the significant aspects of ZOOSK and see how it can help you!

ZOOSK is a dating site and app which is available more than a decade old, it’s quite easy to use and one must get quick results. 

The site has an award-winning app that features perceptive, clean as well as a responsive interface which offers its users to plugging away for hours.

How Do i Contact Zoosk Customer Support Service Phone Number

ZOOSK is a dating site and app which is available more than a decade old, it’s quite easy to use and one must get quick results.

The site has an award-winning app that features perceptive, clean as well as a responsive interface which offers its users to plugging away for hours.

The company launches it apps in the year 2007, and soon it becomes the toast of the online dating world; It wins a lot of multiple awards and surpasses other top sites such as eHarmony and Match.

Now, if you talk about the working of the ZOOSK, then it works quite similar like you can view other user’s profiles and quickly indicate whether you like them or not!

You can have a look at the pictures and info on each profile, that usually includes age, interests as well as expectations.

Create a filter so that you can find people who live in the same city as you’re living.

It comes with a good user community and some of the cool number of features.


You can access the app quickly through a popular mobile app.
Aesthetically pleasing as well as intuitive layout lets you efficiently manage each section of the application with ease.
You can use multiple options to promote your profile and increase your match compatibility.

Salient Features of ZOOSK Dating App

Here are some of the best features of ZOOSK Dating App:-

i) Carousel

Carousel is one of the leading matchmaking features.

It represents you with ZOOSK members through a roulette, who you can send flirts to or skip if you’re not into them.

ii) Dating Insights

ZOOSK collects data of your activity so that it can give you insights regarding the stuff you like the most.

It will also tell you who likes you as well as your dating style.

These dating insights help you to learn about what type of people you probably likely to attract what you have familiar with the people you’re attracted to, and many more things.

iii) Connections

When you add someone as a connection lets them know that you’re interested in them.

Now, whenever you send a smile or a heart, and in case the receiver responds back, they automatically become a connection with you. Moreover, when you label someone as your connection, then the app will put them on the ‘Favourites’ list.

iv) Super Send

This feature is the best feature that allows you to send a flirty message to many people at once.

The app provides you with some pre-written messages so that you don’t have to think about what you need to say.

How Do i Contact Zoosk Customer Support Service Phone Number

v) Boost

With the boost feature, you can increase your visibility to make even more connections.

It is a great way to get noticed by other ZOOSK members; however, this is a paid feature.

Now, let’s move on further and try to seek in the plans offered by ZOOSK Dating app and how it actually works.

Membership Plans Of Zoosk Dating Site

Well, ZOOSK comes with a lot of membership plans that include free membership. However, there’s nothing much you can do if you are using free membership of the ZOOSK App.

Here are a bunch of things you can do in a free membership plan:-

i) You can only look at the site and the members on it. Fundamentally, you cannot be able to contact them.

ii) Simply buy ZOOSK coins to boost your profile, unlock Carousel matches as well as you can buy gifts.

You can see the profiles of potential matches, and you can also choose to whom you want to connect or not.

Now, here’s the list of a bunch of things which you can avail with a paid membership plan. You can do the following things:-

i) You can send messages to the person whom you want to make a connection with!

ii) Chat with other subscribers as well.

iii) You can connect with members who’ve viewed your profile.

iv) One of the most useful features in paid membership is “SmartPick.” You can connect with smart pick and rest the app will do for you like it will start matchmaking with the people that might be compatible for you.

You can avail a 1-month membership of ZOOSK app for $29.95 only.

However, in case you like the app or a site, then you must give a try to a 3-month subscription of ZOOSK at only $19.98 or get a paid membership for $12.49 a month if you buy a 6-month subscription.

ZOOSK’s 6-month membership plan is one of the most popular packages which the company offers.

With 6-month membership plan, you’ll have enough time to get to know your partner.

In addition to that, you can even get familiar with the site, and by paying the lowest amount, you’ll meet with some like-minded people.

How Do i Contact Zoosk Customer Support Service Phone Number

Zoosk Dating App Information How to Contact the Customer service or Customer care

  • Official Website -
  • Toll-Free Number: n/a
  • Customer Care Number: n/a
  • Zoosk Customer Support Number: n/a
  • Twitter ID:
  • Facebook Fan Page:
  • Messenger ID:
  • YouTube Channel:
  • Instagram Handle:
  • Linkedin Profile:

What Are the Payment Options Offered by Zoosk Dating App ?

ZOOSK Dating App offers several payment options, and it all depends on country to country.

The primary payment options are credit cards, debit cards, Paypal, iTunes as well as Amazon Pay.

You can even use the ZOOSK coins to make your payment.

Basically, ZOOSK coins are virtual coins which users can buy and then use to access premium features designed to promote their profiles. Zoosk Customer service phone number

Here are the premium features which includes the following:-

Well, you can buy 180 ZOOSK coins for $19.99, 480 ZOOSK coins for $39.99, and 1800 coins for the $99.99.

The first two ZOOSK coin options are the most popular purchases on the ZOOSK iPhone app.

Two things which you need to know about ZOOSK Coins-

Hidden Fees – ZOOSK lists the cost of a Boost; however, the price of the other premium features is not listed.

You can only find once you decided to go ahead and make a subscription to ZOOSK dating app. These are the only ‘hidden fees’ that you’ll find on ZOOSK.

The Fine Print – Every time your coin balance falls to 20 coins or below that you’ll be charged for an additional coin package in the same amount as your ordinal purchase.

Well, it is being recommended that one should make sure to keep their coin balance maintained so that they will not be charged automatically.

About ZOOSK Dating App Promo Codes

As it is one of the most popular dating app available in the market, it’s not that surprising that its promo codes can be found online or on various coupon deal sites.

A quick Google search will help you find tons of possible codes, although most of them are not working.

The good news is the company posts promo codes on its official Facebook page, and holidays like Christmas or Valentine’s Day. Zoosk Helpline Phone number

Now, all the promo codes offer different things like some of them lets your free membership, while on the other hand, some promo codes will provide you with free relationship advice from a specialist employed in ZOOSK. 

What to do if your ZOOSK Account has been hacked?

Well, if you think that your account has been hacked and you’re able to log in to your account, then, in that case, you might be able to secure it by changing your password.

However, if you’re not able to log in, then you can contact ZOOSK Customer support for further assistance.

Now, changing password basically depends on how you’re accessing the ZOOSK app and on which device your using.

Here is the step by step guide which will give you the right direction to change password.

i) Open your web browser and go to the site and log in Inyo your ZOOSK account.

ii) Tap on the ZOOSK display name in the top right corner of your screen.

iii) Now select Account Settings from the drop-down menu just next to the password select edit.

iv) Enter the current password as well as the new password and click save.

That’s all! You have successfully changed your ZOOSK account password.

Zoosk Account Recovery, Zoosk password reset

i) Open the ZOOSK App and select the menu icon from the top-left corner of the screen.

ii) Now select the gear icon and tap on it to go to Settings.

iii) Select account and tap on the edit icon next to password.

iv) Now, again you have to enter your current password as well as the new password with your are a new one and tap Save.

That’s all! You’ve successfully changed the password of your ZOOSK account to prevent hacking.

Contact Zoosk Phone number, Contact zoosk Helpline phone number 

i) Open ZOOSK App and tap on the profile icon from the bottom right corner of your screen.

ii) You’ll jump to your profile where you can tap the gear icon at the top left corner to get to your settings.

iii) Select account and click on the edit icon which is next to password.

iv) Now again enter the current password along with your new one and tap ‘Save.’

Congrats! You’ve successfully changed the password, and now your account is secure.

Zoosk Contact phone number, Zoosk Customer care phone number

Frequently Asked Questions?
Q1. How to delete ZOOSK Account?

A1. Unlike other social networking sites as well as dating sites, it is quite a difficult task to separate yourself from them; but this is not the case with ZOOSK. It is one of the easiest to deactivate ZOOSK account.

Here is the simple guide which can help you do so:-

While accessing ZOOSK Website

  1. a) First, you need to open an app or a site.
  2. b) Click on your display name from the top-right corner of your screen and then tap on ‘Account Settings’ from the drop-down menu.
  3. c) Navigate to your Account Status, and then click on edit to deactivate or pause your account.

While accessing ZOOSK APP

  1. a) You can accomplish the following things on the ZOOSK app, by clicking on the settings tab on the left-hand menu.
  2. b) Go to account settings and then tap on the ‘pen icon’ to find the option to pause the current subscription of your ZOOSK account.
  3. c) You can’t deactivate the ZOOSK dating app completely.
Q2. How to search for Username or Profiles on ZOOSK Dating App?

A2. If you want to search for members on ZOOSK, open menu area and ensure that you’re in the search section of desktop or mobile app of ZOOSK.

In this section, you can find the results for your primary search.

You can edit it by tapping on the settings icon of the mobile desktop version, the browse button in the app version, or the text ‘Edit Search’ in the desktop version of the site.

The app or site lets you add search filters including age, range, location, distance, relationship status, children, height, religion, and many more. Moreover, until now there is no search by username feature available; however, you can still be able to save your search settings, and that would be a convenient option if you only have a few minutes to spend on this particular dating site.

Q3. Is it safe to use ZOOSK Dating App?

A3. Well, the ZOOSK Dating app is entirely safe, and you won’t get any trouble for using the app.

Apart from that, some application collects your data and ask for different permissions so that they can access your device and you might want to stay alert about that and ditch installing unnecessary apps.

Q4. How to create a ZOOSK account?

A4. Here are steps which will help you to create ZOOSK account:-

i) Go to in your web browser and tap on sign up box on the left side of the screen.

ii) Now, you need to figure out that where you live, so that you can see available matches in your area.

iii) Tap on the box stating ‘City or ZIP Code’ and type the following details. You can select from different options and then click on ‘Continue.’

iv) The app will ask you to provide your profile photo of yourself.

v) Once done you’ll be asked a few short questions about yourself like your body type, do you have children, what’s your highest level of education, and what’s your ethnicity.

vi) Click ‘Continue’ once you’ve answered all the questions.

vii) Now again, the application will ask a few other questions about you!

viii) At last, all you need to do is verify your account and email address for ZOOSK. Now, to do so log into your email account and open the email from ZOOSK labeled ‘Confirm your email.’

Congrats! You have successfully created your ZOOSK Dating App. You can now find partners and make connections with them.

If you still have a issue call zoosk toll free number for help.

Q5. How to reset your ZOOSK account?

A5. To reset your password, you need to follow the steps given below:-

i) Simply select the Forgot Password option from the login page and enter your email address.

ii) Once done, the ZOOSK will send you the request in which a reset link is given. Moreover, it depends on your email service provider as ZOOSK’s communications may occasionally get blocked.

iii) In case you don’t receive the email then you must check your spam folder. If you don’t see the email in your spam folder add

iv) You can either contact ZOOSK customer support for further assistance.

Q6. How do I report and block any abusive user?

A6. Well, you can report and block an abusive user by tapping on the ‘Report/Block’ button, which you can find from his or her profile.

Q7. Can I cancel my ZOOSK membership anytime?

A7. Yes, you can cancel your ZOOSK membership anytime through your account settings. You can even use ZOOSK’s premium features until your billing cycle ends.

The Final Verdict

ZOOSK is one of the most significant dating platforms which offers its users a neat and clean design.

It is quite easy to use, and people can interact with other members on the website as well as the app.

With more than 40 million members over 80 countries, it’s quite a difficult task to find bogus users from the real ones.

But the company is trying its best to give you the best out of it. The verification system could work to combat this.

The pricing structure is on the par with order dating sites; however, not competitive enough considering all of its flaws.

Overall, the experience of using ZOOSK is excellent, and I would definitely recommend the person who is looking to date someone like him or her.

Every dating app has its fair share of problems with bogus and inactive users as well. However, this seems like they’re more prevalent here.

Share your experience of using ZOOSK Dating site and tell us what interests you the most about the application.

If you have any queries or suggestions, then do lets us know in the comment section. We’ll be happy to assist you!

How Do i Contact Zoosk Customer Support Service Phone Number.

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In case you’re here turning upward Zoosk shopper care service at, you doubtless positively understand their identity.

Be that because it might, it gets an inspiration of however large they’re and what their facilitate task seems like within the event that you just are a shopper. Zoosk likewise passes by or is expounded with the names, Zoosk, Inc..

They are viewed as a feature of the concomitant segments and ventures: client, administrations, software system and Services, web software system and Services, info Technology, Internet. for Cancel Your Subscription/Membership scan and Follow These Steps.

Why You Need Zoosk Customer Support Service Phone Number

On the off probability that your membership is ready to mechanically renew, you’ll drop your membership by turning off automatic renewal.

To kill the programmed reestablishment, move to your Account Settings and choose Subscription.

If it’s not an excessive amount of hassle note that if your membership was bought through AN outsider record, as an example, iTunes or Amazon, the membership should be born as per that outsider’s terms and conditions.

  • Methods to Cancel Your Zoosk Subscription –
  • Go to and Log in to your account.
  • Click on your Zoosk show name within the prime right corner.
  • Click and choose “Account Settings.
  • Select “Subscription” this can take you to your subscription page.
  • Now Click “Cancel My Subscription,” and optionally leave a note within the text input space on why you made the choice to cancel your account.

Zoosk.Com service takes into consideration straightforward re-activation of their records, and makes each dropping and re-actuating memberships typically easy.

within the event that you just land up ready so far another time, your hide record will while not abundant of a stretch be recuperated.

Zoosk Contact variety with Support

This is Zoosk’s best phone number, the continual current look out for hold and apparatuses for encircling directly through those phonephone lines to urge ideal to a Zoosk operator.

This phone number is Zoosk’s Best Contact variety in light-weight of the very fact that 169,524 shoppers such as you used this contact knowledge within the course of the foremost recent year and a 0.5 and gave USA input.

Regular problems cared-for by the shopper care unit that answers calls to incorporate Account facilitate, Hacked Account, Refund Issue, request Issue, Membership or subscription cancellation and alternative shopper administration problems.

While is Zoosk’s best toll free variety, there are four all out approaches to attach with them.

The subsequent most ideal approach to converse with their shopper care cluster, as indicated by alternative Zoosk shoppers, is by job their  phone number for his or her request division. apart from job, the subsequent most beloved various for shoppers attempting to find assistance is by suggests that of for request.

within the event that you just assume this knowledge is wrong or comprehend completely different approaches to contact Zoosk please told USA thus we will impart to different shoppers.

Get Refund with Zoosk Customer Support

In short, the 2 firms aren’t connected. Dating Advice Expert builds free tools and shares info amongst customers of firms like Zoosk. for big firms that has tools like our chemical analysis recommendation knowledgeable Phone, that permits you to decision a corporation however skip the half wherever you help the road being attentive to their call technology music. If you’d prefer to deactivate or take away your account from the Zoosk service once you cancel your subscription or If you’re wanting to urge a refund for a subscription obtained zoosk on your phone and desktop, you may must reach dead set our chemical analysis recommendation knowledgeable workers with the subsequent toll free Helpline

  • Zoosk login problems
  • Forgot/ Reset Zoosk Password
  • Zoosk phone number validation
  • Cancel zoosk subscription
  • Zoosk cancellation refund
  • Cancel zoosk subscription on iphone/itunes
  • Zoosk deactivate
  • Zoosk account from mobile phone
  • Delete zoosk account

In order to reap the proper benefits of leading dating website, you can ideally depend upon the efficacy and services of Zoosk.

This website does only not present the best epitomes in the industry but also provides motivational material to others. Its services always remain ahead of others.

For the same, you do not need to doubt its business standards on any term. You essentially need to know registration on this portal certainly helps to come in contact of most romantic matches in your area.

As per your choice, you can select any to delight yourself.

According to the reports and records, only serious singles come on Zoosk. Therefore, there are bigger possibilities get the positive nods from the selected one.


Administration and management consistently remain ready to suggest best matches for each and everyone.

This policy confirms you do not need to go through the stringent efforts to find and date the like-minded people.

As a matter of fact, new profiles with exciting elements keep joining the list at regular interval. All these points of its professionalism combine together to make sure that your decision to depend upon its dating services will never prove a wrong approach.

Contrarily, you will witness the world-class norms to end the blues of singles in a vibrant way.

Register on this website once to add spark in the life. Always remain careful while using its dating services.

Some points to remain careful about are:
  • Ensure valid subscription pack
  • Keep a careful eye on latest updates
  • Round the clock assistance never let go through any kind of problem
  • Additional services are also available to multiply the benefits
  • Find dependable help on instantaneous basis

Dating services of are free of all kinds of inconvenience.

For the same, singles can confidently rely upon to add delights in with life with romantic date.

None of the registered members ever remains empty handed while looking for the best help. Reportedly, everybody enjoys best services while staying protected against a number of risks and threats as far as safety & security issues are concerned.

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